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How to Plan your Jewish wedding on a Budget

How to Plan your Jewish wedding on a Budget

by on 06-30-2012 in Weddings

Jewish Wedding Planning can get very expensive. The average cost of a Jewish wedding is more than $25,000. If you can plan carefully could literally cut down the costs by half. If you haven’t already started using iSimcha’s easy simcha planning tools, then start planning your Jewish wedding now. Our Jewish wedding budget calculator, will automatically break down your budget items based on your overall budget amount. You can be sure you won’t go over budget with this great tool.


The reception will likely be your biggest expense. There are many practical ways you can save money of your Jewish wedding reception. For one, you can invite everyone to the chuppah and then invite only close friends and family for the reception dinner. See, How to save a bundle on your Jewish Wedding Reception, for more great ideas.

Bridal Gown

You can save a bundle by renting a bridal gown instead of buying one. After all, you will only wear it once. You can find many Bridal Gown Rentals shops in our gallery. On the other hand, you may prefer to own your bridal gown so that you can keep it for sentimental reasons. If so, read How to Buy a Modest Bridal Gown on a budget for specials tips about that.


Consider hiring a jewish wedding photographer just to take pictures of the Chuppah and pictures of the Chosson and Kallah. Then, buy a bunch of disposable wedding cameras and leave one on each table so your guests can take pictures for you. The downsides are low quality and lack of the ability to control the pictures taken. If you use a professional you can give them a list of the photos that you can't live without.


Create your own wedding invitations and print from home. With the right kind of paper and printer you can create elegant, unique invitations. Furthermore, if your invitation list is long, then send a traditional paper invitation to close family members, and contact others via email.


In you’re having a less formal wedding consider hiring a DJ instead of an orchestra or band. They can play any music of your choice – from frum music to modern music. Alternatively, if money is especially tight, bring your own CDs and CD player and play your own music.


Floral arrangements help set the tone but can quickly add up. Opt for in-season flowers. Out of season flowers have to be shipped from other parts of the world and you will pay considerably extra for them. Consider using some of the beautiful and realistic-looking silk flowers available today intermingled with arrangements of fresh flowers to keep the ambiance high and the costs low. The new couple can use the silk flowers in the home for years to come.


A simple cake pedestal adorned with sugared fruits and a candle makes a beautiful and an inexpensive centerpiece. Add to the sugary sparkle by placing candles in votive candle holders to illuminate the centerpieces from underneath.

Wedding favors

Wedding favors that double as place cards can be made by purchasing sugar cookies from your local kosher bakery that are iced in white. Pipe each guest's names on the cookies in colored icing a day or two before the wedding. Place in cellophane bags, tied with a ribbon, and set at each guest's place setting so guests know where to sit.

Finally don’t forget this is supposed to be FUN! Your wedding day WILL be wonderful, sure there will be some hiccups, but trust me, in the end it will go off wonderfully if you just apply a little planning and commonsense. Enjoy your life together!

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