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How to Save a Bundle on your Jewish Wedding Reception

How to Save a Bundle on your Jewish Wedding Reception

by on 06-30-2012 in Weddings

Mazel Tov! So you’re getting ready to start planning your Jewish wedding. By the time you’ve totaled up the number of guests you would like to invite to your wedding, you may realize that the reception is going to be your biggest expense. If you plan carefully, you’ll find you can save thousands of dollars.

Halls & Venues

Jewish Wedding Halls tend to be more costly during peak-seasons such as spring time or early summer. If possible, book your Jewish wedding during less popular months like November or March and you’ll save a bundle. Likewise, the day of the week can also affect the price. For example, most reception sites will charge more for a Sunday wedding than a Weekday wedding. Think about having your Jewish Wedding outdoors. You can have it in a park or other outside area, even a friend's backyard. (Don't forget to contact your city parks department or other local government to get a permit for an outdoor wedding.) Be sure to compare prices between wedding halls and outdoor rental equipment to make sure it’s worthwhile.

Number of Guests

An accurate guest count, or as close as possible to one, will save you a ton on your catering bill. While you can’t predict exactly how many guests will show, you can get pretty close. Here’s a formula which has been proven to have a 90% accuracy rate. Take the total number of people you have invited and multiply that number by .66 and multiply that number by 1.15. For example, 300 invited x .66 = 198 x 1.15 = 228 people expected. Once you’re done, take another look at that guest list. If you can manage to take off ten guests, there’s a good chance you’ll save $1,000. If possible, consider inviting friends of friends or very distant family members for the Chuppah only.

Catering & Alcohol

Having a Buffet dinner instead of a sit-down dinner will save you a fortune on your catering bill. While this may not be your first choice for your wedding it is becoming increasingly acceptable for smaller, low-key weddings. If your wedding venue allows outside caterers, consider hiring a small catering company instead of the full-service caterer. Similarly do not use the reception venue’s beverages as you will be charged at retail price. If allowed, purchase your own alcohol. Remember! Don’t stress too much about your budget. Have faith and Hashem will help you find the perfect vendors with the right prices.

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