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Name Change Express

Name Change Express

Name Change Express aims to make name changing a more simple and hassle-free process by offering our help through the process. Having started this business as a result of our own need, thousands of brides and grooms have come to rely on our support when changing their last names. While we do provide forms, we are the only service that provides detailed instruction for BOTH government agencies and company’s instructions, including forms and letters, and pre-filling them with your information and mailing addresses. Now you can joint the many brides who have had an easier name change.


How it works: The 3 Step Process

1 Select from our extensive list of banks, credit card companies, frequent flyer programs and more. We’ll even remind you of a few you might’ve missed.

2 We’ll round up all the forms you’ll need to notify everyone, plus provide easy instructions on preparing and submitting the forms.
3 Download and print the forms and letters, mail them and you’re done! That’s how blissfully easy we are. Give it a try, it’s free!



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